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  • Steve Vegvari

A Look At Intel Experience Day

Intel hosted their Intel Experience Day right here in Toronto. The two-day event covered everything from Intel’s continued focus on gaming, to esports, and beyond. Intel even went on discuss everything that propels them forward, landing the company where we see them today.

As an added bonus to the event being the very first Intel Experience Day hosted in Canada, it also celebrated the 50 year anniversary of the company. While Intel Experience Day was chance for Intel to demonstrate their progressive vision for consumer and business line products, there was quite a focus on games.

IED Gaming Event

Intel began their event with a gaming showcase. The showroom floor was packed with top of the line desktop and laptops all brought by their esteemed partners.

MSI offered an in-depth look at their flagship mobile gaming rigs; the GP63 Leopard, GF63, and GL63. I also had a chance to get the rundown on the newest Workstation laptops, which are dedicated to the multi-tasking content creators out there.

Alienware brought in their Area-51 rig, sporting breathtaking graphics while running Square Enix’s Shadow of The Tomb Raider. Suffice to say that while the game already looks pretty on consoles and mid-tier PC rigs, you haven’t seen anything until you see the level of detail provided in the Area-51.

I spoke with ASUS and was given a look at their TUF Gaming FX504 laptop. As part of the ROG line, the TUF runs incredibly smooth thanks to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti card.

HP, well Omen by HP attracted a lot of attention. Pictures speak louder than words.

The Omen X 900 set up not only looks incredibly sleek but runs like a beast. With the ability to input dual GTX 960M cards, the X 900 can run 4K graphics or VR flawlessly.

The reason each of these products have the ability to run such powerful software is because of Intel. Intel has performed major breakthroughs in the PC market to support high-end gaming. The Core i9+ is allowing players the ability to overclock their PCs without having to worry about damaging their rigs. Even going down to the Core i7 has allowed players on PC to reach peak performances from their games.

Esports and Innovation

Aside from advancing the PC gaming space, Intel has also been very keen to support the esports scene. For 11 years, Intel has been hosting the Intel Extreme Masters around the world. As IEM heads into their 12th season, Intel gave the uninitiated fans a look into what it’s like to be seated in their packed stadium.

Intel also provided the fans with an opportunity to attend IEM Chicago on November 10th and 11th. Come November, 16 of the very best CS:GO players will compete for their chance to win the grand prize of $250’000.

Last, but certainly not least was Intel’s showcase on their Optane Memory chips. While utilized for everyday work and creative performance, the Optane Memory shines when games are a focus. Optane Memory allows fast boot times when dealing with large games.

Through an interactive demo, the representative gave me many titles to pick from in order to show the comparison between a regular startup, loading screens, etc. with and without Optane Memory.

I instantly picked out two of the most laborious games both on PC and console. The two being The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4. In both demonstrations, the Optane Memory allowed for an initial boot of the game more than 3x faster than regularly experienced. Loading screens were also being clocked at nearly 2x faster as well.

Intel Experience Day continued to shed some light on the focus Intel has on the gaming and esports community. Everything the company has done in the past 50 years has allowed Intel to evolve into a multi-faceted technology developer and manufacturer.

A big thanks to everyone at Intel and involved with Intel Experience Day for inviting me out.

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