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  • Steve Vegvari

A Perfect Companion To Rebirth: DC Ultimate Character Guide New Edition Review

If you have been keeping up with the DC’s Rebirth saga, films, or line of shows, you’ll likely be familiar with many of the characters found in this 200-page encyclopedia.

The DC Ultimate Character Guide New Edition is directed at a more casual audience. One that may have a familiarity with the heroes and rogues gallery that makes up the DC universe. DK Canada and DC had previously published the original Ultimate Character Guide in 2011, which focused on the New 52 reboot of the DC comics. Now, the DC is shining a spotlight on Rebirth series with the new edition written by Melanie Scott.

Flipping through the pages, the artwork is stunning. Each page is dedicated to one particular hero or villain. Every page is bright and vibrant and showcases the character front and centre. Ensemble groups such as The Suicide Squad, New Challengers and The Immortal Men are included and each member of the group is easily identifiable. As the rosters are known to change from time to time, ensemble pages include a list of members.

Writer, Melanie Scott has done a wonderful job providing brief overviews of each hero and villain and their importance in the Rebirth series. Scott has also included a Vital Stats chart for each character which gives a rundown of height, weight, known allies, and occupation. Scott has laid out quick summaries of the powers each character possesses. While being quite familiar with the DC cast of characters, there were a few surprises and new facts that I uncovered throughout my time reading the guide.

In addition, each page includes a snippet of pertinent information drawn from the Rebirth storyline. For example, Lois Lane’s page details the event when she dawns Batman’s mech suit to become Bat-Lois in order to save her son, Jonathan. Another, which caught my eye described the event which saw Nightwing become the eventual protector of Blüdhaven. Although brief, these small snippets help set the foundation of who these characters are and what they have been through during Rebirth for casual readers.

While I have read my fair share of DC comics over my life, it has become harder and harder to keep up. When DC launched the New 52 reboot, I thought that was my time to jump back in. I only found myself trailing behind once more. The same goes for the soft-reboot, Rebirth. With so many back issues to crack open, the task of keeping up feels overwhelming.

The DC Ultimate Character Guide New Edition has been a fantastic way to catch up with these characters. Many different heroes end up passing the torch over time. The Character Guide is a nice way to find out who has the mantle, or who is currently on the roster of the Justice League.

If you are a die-hard DC comics fan, there may not be a whole lot included that you did not already know. Many of the C-list or D-list characters have been omitted to keep the guide condensed. So don’t go in expecting to read up on Condiment King or Terra.

Overall, Melanie Scott’s DC Ultimate Character Guide New Edition is a wonderful quick reference book for those that may feel out of the loop since Rebirth began. You’ll find many fan-favourite characters within the 200 pages. The simplistic, yet detailed overview with shed some light of where these iconic characters stand and what their current position is in the Rebirth series.

DK Canada's DC Ultimate Character Guide is available now.

A copy of DC Ultimate Character Guide New Edition was provided by the publisher for review purposes

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