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  • Steve Vegvari

Intel Announces 9th Gen Core H-Series For Gaming Laptops

Intel’s 9th Gen Core H-series processor launches today. Being touted as the world’s most powerful laptop processor, Intel aims to give players and creators the ability to access premium 4K graphics, while cutting down on render time.

There are roughly 580 million PC gamers and 130 million PC-based content creators out in the world. As the games industry demands more power from the user, Intel seeks to provide valuable solutions in the laptop space. Those playing and creating while on the go are constantly on the search for a dependable mobile rig.

The chipmaker has revealed the official spec list of the new i9 H-series processors.

9th Gen Intel Core high-performance mobile processor with up to 5GHz Turbo & 8C/16T

Wi-Fi 6 AX200 (Gig+) enabling fastest Wi-Fi for laptops

SSD 660p

Optane H10 with Solid State Storage

Rapid Storage Technology 17.x

128GB DDR4 memory

Dynamic Tuning allowing maximum CPU performance

Thermal Velocity Boost increasing frequency based on temperature

Thunderbolt 3 single-cable docking

In comparison to the i7-9850H, the new i9-9980H chip has two additional cores, bringing the total up to eight. This will mark Intel’s first octa-core processor in a mobile CPU. It also features a thread count of 16, outweighing the i7 chip by four threads.

As many can expect, a i9-9980HK chip is present. The K variant is unlocked for overclocking. The unlocked chip has a base speed of 2.4GHz and a single core turbo frequency of 5GHz. While the i9-9980H will feature a 2.3GHz base and a maximum speed of 4.8GHz.

With all this power, an increase of up to 18% higher FPS while playing is said to be expected. While on the creator side, 2.1x higher FPS can be obtained while streaming and recording. Users on an i9-9980H series laptop can then begin to render and see the effects quite plainly. A 4K video will render in 28% less time.

Compared to a three-year-old laptop, the 9th Gen processors are said to be 56% faster and may enable a boost in performance of 33%. In hand with the Optane H10 SSD, a AAA game’s average load time could be up to 2.29x faster.

Intel’s 9th Gen Core also gives way to Wi-Fi 6 enhancements. While running on a Wi-Fi 6 network, laptop users could see up to 75% decrease in latency. This will also be a future proof tool for users as more devices move into the next generation of Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi 6 devices are able to connect up to four times the amount of devices while theoretically boosting top speed thresholds.

In addition, Intel has been working closely with major developers to optimize the chip for the latest games. Intel notes that they have been working alongside development studios IO Interactive, Activision, Ubisoft, amongst many others.

While Intel announced that the 9th Gen H-series is making its leap to the market today, users can expect a gradual rollout as Intel continues to work with HP, Lenovo, MSI and their other suppliers to implement the new chip into their hardware.

Intel is working with suppliers and OEMs to work their newest chip into thinner, and lighter devices. Intel has been making note that not every gaming enthusiast is seeking a mobile PC that offers RBG, and the flash that comes with it. Finding a middle ground that properly represents the gaming sector, and is form fitting has been a priority.

That's not all. Intel has also announced a new line of desktop processors. The expansion of the Intel Core desktop line ranges from the i3 all the way up to Intel Core i9. This includes many locked variants of the i7 and i5 chips you see today. The Pentium Gold chip line is also receiving an expansion as of today.

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